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Drama Queen Shimmer - body lotion

Drama Queen Shimmer - body lotion

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Drama Queen Shimmer body lotion frá Indigo home Spa línunni er vara sem umvefur líkama þinn með lúxus inn í hversdagsleikann!
Sæt blanda af sandalwood, vanilla, musk, lily og the valley og ávöxtum eins og peru og raspberry, full af orku!

Já þarna færðu bland af því besta!
Kremið er ekki klísturskennt eins og gerist oft með krem sem innihalda glimmer!

Innihaldsefni Drama Queen Shimmer Body Lotion.
Formúl byggð á shea butter,
macadamia hnetu olíu, D-panthenol og vitamin E




Drama Queen Shimmer body lotion from the Indigo Home SPA line is a product that will surround your body with luxurious care every day and allow it to shine with its full glow. The sweet combination of sandalwood, vanilla, musk, lily of the valley and fruit’s such as peach, raspberry, pear and blackcurrant will give you positive energy, and wrap you up with an aura of luxury and elegance.

Drama Queen Shimmer Body Lotion Features:

  • long-lasting, intense fragrance
  • a tempting, ultra-feminine combination of sandalwood, vanilla and musk, and fruits such as peach, raspberry, pear and blackcurrant with a hint of lily of the valley
  • caring formula based on a combination of shea butter, macadamia nut oil, D-panthenol and vitamin E
  • excellent texture
  • convenient packaging with a pump
  • shimmering glitter particles that beautifully emphasize the summer tan and sparkle both in the sun and under disco lights

How to apply Indigo Body Lotion:

  • Apply the product to clean skin, gently massage in, spreading shimmering balm particles on the body.
  • Use for daily care after a bath or exfoliating peeling.
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