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3in1 UV Gel Polish SIMPLE 7,2 g - CREATIVITY

3in1 UV Gel Polish SIMPLE 7,2 g - CREATIVITY

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3in1 UV Gel Polish SIMPLE 7,2 g - CREATIVITY

UV gel polish 3-in-1  CREATIVITY from SIMPLE range

Are you looking for a creative energy boost to inspire you? Create an amazing UV gel manicure       3-in-1and always be ready for new challenges! If you like good emotions, positive energy and beautiful colors in your stylisation, then definitely choose orange nail polish 3-in-1. With its help your mani will take on an intense, enveloping color that will give you a boost of positive emotions. CREATIVITY from the collection What's Your Power? it works phenomenally well for creating a UV gel manicure for spring and summer,which you can do in a few moments. Stand out, wrap yourself in creativity and get going in your style!

Orange nails for spring and summer with nail polish 3-in-1

CREATIVITY is an orange UV gel polish 3-in-1 that will help you create a spring manicure in just a few moments. All you have to do is apply this product to your nails and cure each layer in a LED lamp. You don't need any base coat or top coat to create this long-lasting mani - you only need an orange nail polish 3-in-1 to get a spectacular effect.

SIMPLE 3in1 strengths:

3in1: base, colour and top in 1 bottle,

enriched with silk proteins, which protect your nail natural plate.

durability until 14 days,

dermatologically tested- safe for peple with sensitive skin

fast application within 20 minutes- only 2 layers and done!

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