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3in1 UV Gel Polish SIMPLE 7,2 g - SENSITIVITY

3in1 UV Gel Polish SIMPLE 7,2 g - SENSITIVITY

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3in1 UV Gel Polish SIMPLE 7,2 g - SENSITIVITY

UV gel polish 3-in-1 SENSITIVITY from SIMPLE range

Do you need some inspiration? Do you have a task ahead of you that requires creativity and delicacy? Reach for a UV gel polish 3-in-1 from SIMPLE collection that will open your senses to new experience! Sensitivity to the beauty of the world is one of the most beautiful human qualities. Due to it, perceiving every day life rises to completely different, wonderful level. UV gel polish 3-in-1 in a romantic shade of pink will perfectly emphasize who you are while wrapping you in its inspiring aura. Don't be afraid to show your joy and wonder in the world - now you can do it by reaching for a pink nail polish 3-in-1, which perfectly reflects your feelings!

Romantic manicure for spring and summer with pink nail polish 3-in-1

SENSITIVITY is a pink UV gel  polish 3-in-1, which means you just need to apply it on your nails and cure it in a LED lamp. You don't need a base coat or top coat for this, because UV gel polishes from SIMPLE range contain the properties of these products. So you don't have to waste too much time - it only takes 20 minutes to prepare a romantic and feminine manicure that perfectly suits your subtle nature. Reach for a pink nail polish SENSITIVITY and your nails for spring and summer 2022 will wonderfully reflect the accompanying feelings and admiration for the beauty of the smallest things!

SIMPLE 3in1 strengths:

3in1: base, colour and top in 1 bottle,

enriched with silk proteins, which protect your nail natural plate.

durability until 14 days,

dermatologically tested- safe for peple with sensitive skin

fast application within 20 minutes- only 2 layers and done!

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