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Duo Acrylgel Shimmer Peony

Duo Acrylgel Shimmer Peony

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Duo Acrylgel Shimmer Peony - 30g

We have combined the strength of acryl, lightness and elasticity of the gel with beautiful particles – this is how we created a novelty that will revolutionize the world of nail stylisation! Discover Duo AcrylGel with glitter in color Shimmer Peony. It is a subtle, girlish pink that hides shimmering particles. You can use this product for a subtle and elegant stylisation that perfectly highlihts your beauty!

What will surprise you with a pink gel with silver particles?
Innovative formula – the combination of the strength of acryl and the lightness and elasticity of gel makes Duo AcrylGel with glitter super durable and very easy to apply.
Wonderful effect – glitter particles are immersed in the formula of the pink gel, which will brighten up any stylisation wonderfully.
Thick consistencyDuo AcrylGel with particlesdoes not flow the cuticles thanks to its thick formula. This consistency also ensures comfortable working – even on 5 nails at the same time.
Suitable for your needs – this product offers you the opportunity not only to extend your nails, but also to model them. With Duo AcrylGel with glitteryou can create the manicure you dream of.
High working comfort – easy and quick use without unpleasant fragrance is a great advantage of this product. In addition, the lack of warmth during the curing process, as with classic buliding gels, is also very pleasant for a stylists and her client.

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