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UV gel polish in a form of sticker Gel Stickers Easy On M07 – a way to manicure!

What do you gain?

UV gel polish in a form of sticker Gel Stickers Easy On is a real revolution in nail stylisation by NEONAIL. Find out why:
• phenomenal manicure in just 20 minutes – applying stylisation has never lasted so short! It is enough to choose the right size of the sticker for the nail plate, shorten and cure it in the LED lamp for 60 seconds. Ready! Find more time for pleasure!
• durability up to 21 days – you can delight your surroundings with the WOW effect for up to 3 weeks! Gel Stickers Easy On is a guarantee of constant consistency;
• easy application without flooding the cuticles– stick the sticker exactly under the cuticles, without flooding them! This is 100% comfort for you! No more dirt – from now on you have everything under control;
• beautiful effect on both hands – no matter if you are right-handed or left-handed. The application of the sticker is fabulously simple. Thanks to this you will make stylisation also with a non-leading hand, without worrying about the result;
• hassle-free stylisation change – if you want to try a different design, go ahead! You can remove the sticker easily by prying it with a wooden stick soaked in acetone.

About the product

Gel Stickers Easy On M07 is a pink sticker with the addition of silver particles, which beautifully shimmer on the nails. Discover one of 12 unique manicure designs that you will find in Gel Stickers Easy On collection. Thin and flexible, with an imperceptible fragrance– it is user-friendly. The set includes a mini file and a wooden stick, with which you can apply and remove stylisation.

The sticker will make your nails shine thanks to the phenomenal glitter effect. Gel Stickers Easy On M07 is a product with a gently transparent cover. Its application takes only 20 minutes.

To start you get a sheet with 20 stickers in different sizes.

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