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Gelastic Clear

Gelastic Clear

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Gelastic Clear – a fully transparent colour version of the product that will revolutionise the work of every nail artist. A new and comfortable method of nail extension and development, which eliminates problems such as dust, odour or pain during curing.


Gelastic Clear allows you to create a completely transparent nail design,
which serves as a perfect foundation for creating any design without changing the colour of the products and nail polishes.

Size: tube 60 g.
Efficiency: approx. 50 applications.
Curing time: 30-90 seconds/Dual LED or 2-3 minutes/UV.

Consistency: thick, rubbery. Discover all the possibilities that Gelastic offers you.
Check other colours as well: Gelastic Glass Pink, Gelastic Milky, Gelastic Cover.

The main advantages of the Gelastic system: working time reduction a perfectly matched formula full control of operation without the risk flowing down extreme plasticity, making it easier to achieve the desired shape curing at any time precise and convenient application incredible efficiency – up to 20 applications from one tube!* no dust and unpleasant odours no pain when curing * the number of applications depends on the length of the styling. Average 'salon' styling is 20.

We recommend using a protective mask and a nail dust collector when sawing.

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