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Get Your Summer Vibes 04

Get Your Summer Vibes 04

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Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 04 Game, Set, Glam – dynamic tinted balm with particles  

 About the product

Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 04 Game, Set, Glam is atinted lip balm that surprises with its dynamics. This unusual cosmetic changes its transparent colour to dark pink-peach under the influence of the skin's pH. Co-creates the limited collection of Intense Serum GET YOUR VIBE. It is covered with shiny particles, inspired by thesummer UV gel polish Game, Set, Glam by NEONAIL. The lip balm has a creamy consistency that will give you a comfortable feeling of lightness. The product gives atransparent opacity, which exposes the variability of colours. In the formula you will find active ingredients that guarantee nourishment of the lip skin.                      
The cosmetic is also available in the second colour variant– Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 03 Champion’s Confetti. This after changing colour acquires shades of peach and light pink.
The cosmetic is particularly suitable for women who care about comprehensive lip skin nutrition and knowledge of hot beauty trends.  How to apply the lip balm? Apply it in two layers – one after the other. Use the brush NEO Make Up No. 14  to achieve a precise effect.

The lip balm fits in a beautifully decorated 3D frame. The packaging is based on the colour trend of 2024 according to Pantone, i. e. Peach Fuzz shades.

What do you gain?
Do you bet for attractive lip make-up? Do you feel that your lips need nourishment? Check out Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 04 Game, Set, Glam by NEO MAKE UP and see why it's worth it:
active ingredients with nourishing power – the lip balm contains almond oil, which has a moisturizing and softening effect. Solve the problem of chapped lips in no time! An important ingredient is niacinamide - a derivative of vitamin B3. It protects the lips skin from dryness and eliminates inflammation. The formula is complemented by hyaluronic acid, which makes the lips more elastic;
visual smoothing of the lips – do you want to ensure theadmiration of those around you? The creamy finish of the cosmetic creates an attractive impression of smoothing the lips;
a product tailored to all types of beauty – are you interested in a cosmetic that is absolutely for everyone? The tinted lip balm is perfect for warm and cold skin tones, as well as any fashion outfits;
lightness of make-up in every situation – do you want to maintain your well-being? This lip balm is pleasant to wearthanks to its lightweight, creamy formula. Don't give up comfort when doing make-up!

Get inspired
How about a make-up tip that will make your lip balm last? Apply the cosmetic on the opaque lipstick from the collection GET YOUR VIBE and enjoy the proven effect!
The tinted balm will go well with a high-opacity lipstick - Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 01 Winning Spirit. It will create an interesting combination of peach shade and delicate pink with the addition of shimmering particles. If you prefer a strong hit of peach tones, apply the lip  balm together with the opaque lipstick Creamy Lipstick Get Your Vibe 02 Team Peach.

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