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Intense Serum Tan Mascara

Intense Serum Tan Mascara

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Eyelash mascara INTENSE SERUM TAN MASCARA – highlight the eyes with an intense, black accent

What do you gain?

Are you looking for a cosmetic that will highlight your eyes and bring out all the glow from them? Discover the perfect formula of mascara INTENSE SERUM TAN MASCARA and see what benefits it has:
attractive henna effect – the product gradually dyes natural hair. The colour is intense enough that it will definitely darken your eyelashes, which you owe to the content of walnut extract;
rich formula with the addition of active ingredients - thanks to it your eyelashes will become much stronger and will fall out less often. This will fuel the phenomenal effect! Gain strength and durability of make-up that will delight you;
eyelash regeneration from scratch – do you want to improve your look? Are you complaining about weakened lashes? Forget about this problem! Thanks to the content of argan oil, your eyelashes will become more nourished and rebuilt from the inside, but also more elastic;
precise brush – the advantage of the product is also the well-thought-out design of the brush. It is thanks to it that you will reach without complications any, so far difficult to reach eyelashes.

About the product

Eyelash mascara INTENSE SERUM TAN MASCARAis a product of the NEO MAKE UP line. It has a black colour, darkening the lashes. It is characterized by astrong opacity, as well as a creamy consistency. The product will work particularly well for people with weakened eyelashes, as well as those ladies who have lighter lashes. Highlight the look using the innovative formula of the cosmetic.
You will gain a lot thanks to its nutritious formula, which is saturated with 4 active ingredients. The first is walnut shell extract – it attractively darkensthe eyelashes. Another active ingredient is argan oil– deeply nourishes and moisturizes, strengthens the lashes from the root to the very ends. In addition, it thickens the eyelashes, stimulates faster growth.Wheat germ oil, on the other hand, is an excellent source of vitamin E. It has a multifunctional effect: antioxidant and anti-aging, and in addition, it captures free radicals. The peptide, on the other hand, increases the volume of eyelashes, thickening them.
To achieve the desired effect, apply mascara on eyelashes in a zigzag motion. If you want to strengthen it, repeat the procedure one more time.
The eyelash mascara is Vegan Friendly and PETA certified. The volume of the product is 9 ml.

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