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Mani & Pedi set - Professional

Mani & Pedi set - Professional

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This kit includes 6 high-performance NEONAIL attachments that simplify your manicure and can be used for different applications. Whether it's removing the gel polish or gel or performing the Russian manicure - these milling bits are versatile. ADVANCED is an ideal kit for stylists who already have experience working with a milling machine and who know how to prepare nails and nail belts before applying a set of artificial nails.

Important information for professional use:
these bits can be autoclaved.

What can you expect from the Freesset Advanced?

We have good news: All 6 trimming bits from the Advanced Set are compatible with any European e-files.
The bits are marked with colored rings that reveal something about the grain of the bit. The blue color ring is a bit with a medium-coarse grain. The red color ring represents a fine degree of granulation.


1) the carbide bit (1) is used to remove semi-permanent paint (gel or gel polish) or builder bases (such as BIABℱ). The shape of a corn cob makes it easier to work around side folds.
2) the next step is to push the cuticles and clean the nail plate with the diamond bit in the form of a medium grain cylinder (2).
3) Use the fine needle (3) with a medium grain to clean the plate more thoroughly and remove epithelia.
4) to clean the nail plate with greater precision, especially around the nail walls and cuticles, use the pointed flame cutter (4) or medium grit flame cutter (5). The selection depends on the type of cuticles.
5) after cutting the cuticles with nipper or scissors, smooth the surface with the diamond bit in the form of a fine grain cylinder (6).

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