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Metallic effect 03

Metallic effect 03

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Pimp the nails with this golden chrome powder.


How to use?

1/ Or simply brush in the adhesive layer of a color of your choice and finish with top coat (no high shine)


2/ Mix with clear rubber base and apply on top of a color of your choice (no high shine)


3/ Polish in the top layer for an extreme shine mirror effect
1) apply color and harden (this can be BIAB ™ natural but also white or a French for example)
2) Apply The Gelbottle Extreme Shine Top Coat, Neonail Dry Top or Slowianke No Wipe Top Coat and cure for 20 to 30 seconds depending on your lamps (practice this beforehand on a tip to determine the exact time. The top coat should still be light be tacky so that the pigment can be polished in, but of course not allowed to stick so much that it looks grainy, so exact correct curing is crucial!!!
3) Polish the chrome pigment with your glove or a special applicator
4) Cure the nails further (very important that the top coat reaches its full curing time, otherwise the pigment will not settle in the top and it can come loose).
5) Apply a thin layer of rubber base or regular base coat and cure
6) Gently file the free edge with a buffer
7) Finish with a flexible top coat of your choice

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