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Mini Drill 12W

Mini Drill 12W

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 Professional Mini Drill for nails

 -        Removes every UV gel manicure

-        Helps you with preparing your nails and cuticles

-        Facilitates the work- it is easy to work with so that you can use it at home.

Mini Drill is a small but helpful device in creating correct UV gel manicure.

How does Mini Drill work?

  1. Fast and effective- it removes even thick layers of UV gel. If you had extended your nails with base, Duo Acrylgel or other products, the drill would be the only way to remove it.
  2. Very precisely- there is no a better way to prepare your nails and remove cuticles than with the help of nail drill and nail drill bits.
  3. Simple- its turning on is very easy and intuitive. Changing nail drill bits also does not cause problems. The only thing you have to do is to twist the mobile part in the handle clockwise, change the nail drill bits and twist the handle again in the different direction.

How to use Mini Drill for nails?

 -        Connect the device with the USB cable to the computer or to USB power supply

-        You turn it on by using one button R/F.

-        Turning on another one you choose the speed of the nail drill. The button Speed works 3 degrees of rotation.

-        The nail drill remembers the last chosen speed.

How does the Mini nail drill look like and why is it worth having?

-        The nail drill is small, it consists of only one handle. That is why it is light and convenient and it gives a lot of comfort while preparing your nails.

-         Its look and use makes it perfect for beginners.

Always use proven and convenient solutions- choose the nail drill Mini!

 Technical data:

The handle of the nail drill: 

-        weight: 92 G

-        maximum of rotation: 15000rpm

-        input voltage: USB 2V/2A

-        power: 12W

The set contains of:

-        nail drill handle

-        the set of nail drill bits: 5x drill bits, 6x grind drill bits, 1x mandrel

-       manual user instruction

-        warranty card

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