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Protein Base Removable 13 ml

Protein Base Removable 13 ml

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The best-selling Protein Base is the hardest Indigo gel polish base that has been appreciated by thousands of satisfied customers. 4 out of 5 women admit that the Protein Base is better than other bases of this type that they have used so far*. Thanks to the reliable Protein, you will level, extend and rebuild the natural nail plate, and the problem of weak, brittle nails will stop affecting your night time sleep.


13 ml

Indigo Protein Base will fulfil your customers' dreams of long, strong nails. 

Trust the power of protein and enjoy the incredible durability of your styles!

Advantages of Indigo Protein Base:
Growing nails stronger and do not split
* contains proteins derived from jojoba makes it possible to infill a damaged nail plate and gently extend nails makes it possible to build up the ideal curve C - even with a concave nail plate creates a layer resistant to mechanical damage
* and harmful external factors works as a foundation for gel polish, gel and classic stylings lasts for up to 4 weeks
* is 100% soluble in Remover
* Based on the research of the accredited research laboratory J.S. Hamilton, conducted on a group of 30 people.

What is worth to remember when using Indigo Protein Base?
The curing time for a thin layer of Protein Base is 30 seconds in a MULTI LED lamp and 2 minutes in a UV lamp.
In the case of a thicker layer, the time is extended to 60-90 seconds in the MULTI LED lamp and 3 minutes in the UV lamp. For maximum styling durability, the nail builds up using Indigo protein Base and should be done in layers.
First spread a thin layer of product on the nail plate.
Only after it has cured can you start applying another, thicker layer.

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