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Real Nude 01 - Lip Oil

Real Nude 01 - Lip Oil

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Intense Serum COLOR LIP OIL 01 – glow and brightening lips in nude tones 4,5ml

What do you gain?
Tired of matt lips? Do you feel like they need nourishment? Check out the novelty by NEO MAKE UP – Intense Serum COLOR LIP OIL 01 with active ingredients that have a regenerating effect on the skin. What distinguishes the product?
removal of irritations – the cosmetic contains niacinamide, which is an antioxidant. It neutralizes the negative effects of free oxygen radicals, thus preventing skin damage caused by oxidative stress. It is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory barrier. Forget about pain and get beautiful lips with a fresh look;
anti-ageing effect – one of the components is also sodium hyaluronate, which is a derivative of hyaluronic acid. It has a smoothing effect, also softens the skin, as a result eliminating fine wrinkles. It covers the surface of the skin with a water-binding film, so from now on you can enjoy permanent moisturizing of the lips;
strong pigmentation and long-lasting make-up effect – strongly saturated colour will not let you miss in the crowd. The oil lasts a long time on the lips. Perfectly adapts to the movement of the lips,which guarantees excellent performance of the cosmetic;
light, pleasant consistency the formula of the oil is so delicate that it is almost imperceptible on the lips! Apply the oil and feel always at ease;
make-up stylisation for every occasion – from now on, your lips will be covered with a luminous glowthat will suit any occasion or fashion creation. Get the juiciness of your lips on call.

About the product
Intense Serum COLOR LIP OIL 01 is a special lipstick with a real nude shade. It has a smooth, light consistency, so it does not burden the skin. It is characterized by full coverage. It combines the power of regenerating oil and lipstick highlighting lips. It contains active ingredients, including niacinamide, which nourishes the skin, protecting it from damage. You will also find sodium hyaluronate, which ensures constant moisturizing of the lips.
The cosmetic creates a vinyl effect on the lips – an intense shine that remains even after the oil has dried, ensuring adequate performance. But that is not all! It adapts to every lip movement, which guarantees maximum comfort of use.
The cosmetic is certified Vegan Friendly, so you can safely choose it if ethics and environmental standards are important to you. It is enclosed in a handy package with an applicator.

Get inspired
Intense Serum COLOR LIP OIL 01 can accompany you in different situations. The product is perfect when you want to add a distinctive accent to your make-up. You can apply it together with a product such as e. g.  Intense Serum Mascara. It will also be stylishly combined with Intense Serum 01 LIP&CHEEK BALM, which will enhance the effect of lightening the face.
Feel the total nourishment of lips and gain an intense glow with the NEO MAKE UP line by NEONAIL!


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