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Electric foot file

Electric foot file

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Set of replaceable discs for electric foot file

A set of replaceable discs for electric foot file will help you remove calloused skin quickly and easily. You can use them for both dry and wet work - they will make your work easier and more efficient, thanks to three types of necessary gradations. Each such disc in the set can last up to several months of use, depending on how often you use them and the areas to be treated. An electric file with a set of replaceable discs is additionally great for hard skin as it works quickly, effectively and really safely.

Set of replaceable discs for electric foot file consists of:

  •  One Hard disc with a 47# gradation - this exfoliating disc is ideal for hardened skin;
  •  Two Medium discs with a 60# gradation - this is a coarse-grained disc that is great for working into soft skin;
  • One Soft head with 100# gradation - this is a fine-grained disc for perfect skin leveling and removal of fine calluses.

Opt for reliable discs for electric foot file by  NEONAIL which can easily help you get rid of hard, calloused skin in a safe and professional manner!

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