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Simple Protein Acetone 200ml

Simple Protein Acetone 200ml

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Acetone for SIMPLE UV gel polishes - SIMPLE PROTEIN ACETONE 

Do you want to quickly remove a manicure prepared with SIMPLE UV gel polishes? Bet on a product that will be safe for your nails, and at the same time will effectively and gently remove the colour from the nail plates! Get to know SIMPLE PROTEIN ACETONE, a cleaner dedicated to the SIMPLE series products.

Why is it worth having?

Enriched formula - silk proteins have been added to the composition of SIMPLE PROTEIN ACETONE, which are also found in UV gel polishes from this series.

Speed ​​and effectiveness - in just a few minutes you can remove a manicure made with SIMPLE UV gel polishes.

Pleasant smell - removing the stylisaton  from the nails will be pleasant and comfortable, because the product has a delicate, pleasant aroma.

Cleansing and degreasing - SIMPLE PROTEIN ACETONE will not only remove the manicure, but also prepare the nails for the next stylisation.

How to quickly, effectively and, above all, gently remove a manicure prepared with the SIMPLE UV gel polishes? Use SIMPLE PROTEIN ACETONE remover with proteins!

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