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Stamping plate 18

Stamping plate 18

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Stamping plate 18 with beautiful flower patterns
Floral patterns and delicate lace will prove to be an excellent adornment of a wedding manicure, but from now on you do not have to paint them by hand! Save time by using beautiful adornments that you will reflect with a stamping plate on nails! The method of stamping is now very popular because it does not require advanced techniques to adorn the manicure magnificently for a few moments. You just need to reflect the patterns with a stamper and a special gel. This type of making patterns is an ideal alternative to difficult, hand-painted adornments – even beginners can handle this method!

Instant wedding manicure nail art with stamping plate
Stamping plate 18
has 24 girly flower patterns. With the purchase of a stamping plate, you can create up to 24 completely different adornments to completely change the look of your wedding nails in no time. Rely on high quality, which guarantees aseamless and perfect reflection of the pattern.Choose stamping plate 18 with a transparent foil to protect the product from scratches during storage or transport. Let your wedding nail stylisation get a character with wonderful flower patterns!

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