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Top Frosted Powder Nail Art

Top Frosted Powder Nail Art

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Top Frosted Powder Nail Art hybrid top 7.2ml 

From now on, nail art will take you to a whole new, higher level. All thanks to a fantastic nail top that will make painting patterns easier! You will stop spending a lot of time on intricate decorations, because you will make them in a few moments - all you need to do is reach for the transparent top for Top Frosted Powder Nail Art hybrids! It is matte, velvety to the touch and has a thin consistency, and you will love it for its unique properties. This product creates a non-stick coating on the nails, making it easier to create decorations.

From now on, nail art will be easy, fast and fun with Top Frosted Powder Nail Art!

Top Frosted Powder Nail Art is a matte , transparent finishing top that is perfect for creating nail art with the use of pollen. Paint any pattern on its hardened surface with Dry Top, and after curing, rub your favorite powder into the nails. Cover the whole with any top coat. Thanks to this, the powder will only stick to the decoration.

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