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Transfer Foil Glue

Transfer Foil Glue

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Transfer Gel The transfer foil is a product that in a few minutes will change the look of your stylisation giving it effective and mettalic gloss. To create this manicure , choose a special gel, which allows you to reflect any foil on the nail plate.


Why is it worth to choose the transfer gel? - lack of colour– the gel is transparent , so that you can successfully apply it on any shade of UV gel polish - easy application - the product features large dispersion , therefore you can reflect the foil on your nails fast and easy - thickish consistency – this formula of product allows to apply thin, precise layer and additionaly causes that the gel is very efficient - comfort of applying – the product is packed in a handy box with a brush , which facilitates its application on a nail plate -Bet on the transfer gel- bet on durability and effective manicure!

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