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LED Lamp NeoNail 18W/36W LCD Display

One of the new LED Lamp from NeoNail's new line up of manicure equipment, now with more functionality than ever before.

Three different curing settings:

- 30 seconds,

- 60 seconds,

- 99 seconds - Low Heat Mode, makes it so the lamp heats up a lot slower than normally, which is very helpful if you're having any problems with curing your manicure,

Infrared motion sensors

Lamp will turn on and off automatically, after putting in and taking out your hands out of the device respectively.

LED screen

The small LED screen on the lamp will show the remaining time for every setting you've chosen.

LED Lamp 18W/36W

- 21 LED diodes

- Big, open and ergonomic design allows for curing of all five fingers at once, as well as for curing pedicure.

Technical specification:

- 21 LED diodes,

- Maximum power: 18W/36W

- DC 12V, 2A,

- Size: 215 x 113 x 75mm

- Light wavelength - 365 + 405nm

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